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  • Capability:: 25000 Square Inch per Month
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    PHILIFAST is a professional PCB manufacture and PCB assembly provider, Our Products include ordinary single- sided,double-sided and mul- tilayer PCB, also cover Rigid- flex PCB, heavy- copper PCB, metal- base PCB, hybrid PCB, HDI, and other high- frequency boards.

    • The plant area is about 7,500 square meters and the total number of employees exceeds 400.

    • The monthly production capacity is as high as 10,000 square meters.


    Base Material: FR4- TG140 Surface Finish: ENIG
    PCB Thickness: 1.6mm Solder Mask: Blue
    PCB Size: 80* 168mm Silkscreen: White
    Layer Count: 6/ L Cu Thickness 35um(1oz)

    Why Choose US?

    1. Speed
    Agile response speed, fast delivery cycle.

    2. Service
    Customer needs are the driving force behind our development, adhere to customer-centric, respond quickly to customer needs, and continue to create long-term value for customers.

    3. Quality
    The management of the national standard quality system, the high-end sophisticated production equipment, and the informatized and intelligent production process management system MES have won the reputation of customers with quality.

    4. Technology
    Use technological innovation to improve production efficiency and quality, and rich process experience to prevent quality risks.

    PCB Customized Designs PCB Reverse Engineering Service

    Product Name  PCB Customized Designs PCB Reverse Engineering Service
    Type   Rigid
    Material   FR4, CEM1, CEM3, High Frequency Board, 
    Layer   1, 2, 4, 6...20Layer
    Shape   Retangular, Round, Slots, Cutouts, Complex, Irregular
    Cutting   Shear, V- score, Tab- routed
    Board Thickness   0.2- 4mm, regular 1.6mm
    Copper Thickness   0.5- 4oz, regular 1oz
    Solder Mask   Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, etc.
    Silk Screen   White, Black, etc.
    Silk Screen Min Line Width   0.006" or 0.15mm
    Min Trace/Gap   0.1mm or 4mils
    Min Drill Hole Diameter   0.01", 0.25mm or 10mils
    Surface Finish   HASL, ENIG, OSP, etc.



    Main PRODUCTS:



    Printed circuit boards have been widely used in all kinds of fields such as industrial electronics, consumer electronics, medical electronics, automotive electronics.

    1. Industrial Electronics:

    • Control system

    • Industrial equipment

    • Power supply

    2. Consumer Electronics

    • Computer Electronics

    • Recording Devices

    • Entertainment Systems

    • Home Appliances

    • Mobile devices

    3. Medical Electronics

    • Monitors

    • Scanning Technology

    • Control Systems

    • Internal Devices

    • Scientific Instrumentation

    4. Automotive Electronics

    • Car Control Systems

    • Navigation Devices

    • Audio and Video Devices


    Our PCBs covers 1- 32 Multi- layers Rigid PCB, We are аlѕо capable of manufacturing ѕоmе complex bоаrdѕ, e. g.Multi- layer PCB, Heavy- copper PCB, Rоgеrѕ and Tеflоn PCB сirсuit boards, HDI bоаrdѕ, Aluminum- base PCB аnd Flex- Rigid PCB, Our monthly output is over 20000m2, all of our products are comply with UL, CE, RoHS, ISO9001...


    1: What files do we accept?
    DXP,Protel99, CAM, Gerber,...

    2: Do you keep our files confidential.
    We customize PCBs as per customer’s design files, all files from customers are strictly confidential, and we sign Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    3: How do you pack your PCBs?
    We packed our products as below:


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