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Base Material: FR4-TG150 Surface Finish: ENIG
PCB Thickness: 1.6mm Solder Mask: Green
PCB Size: 84*84mm Silkscreen: White
Layer Count: 6/L Cu Thickness 35um(1oz)

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All PCBs are 100% electrical tested. They can pick and send PCBs to E-fixture test machines automatically, and place the PCBs at appointed places after testing, according to the test result;All PCBs are 100% visually inspected. All tests and inspect results are recorded in the inspection report and shipped together with the PCBs.


More than 14 years of experiences in the production of PCB. Professional Engineer and oversea sales team in the PCB industry fully involved in the whole business procedures.Designed and manufactured various complex PCBs, which can meet all your design and manufacturing needs.


More than 80% are automated production equipment, improves the production efficiency and product quality.And a variety of famous brand equipment is used in all processes, including Drilling, Electroless Plating, Electroplating, Etching, Solder Mask, Silk Screen, Chemical Gold, Electrolytic Gold, CNC Profiling,Electrical Testing, and Packing.


Since we are directly operated by the factory, intermediate links are omitted. Secondly, we have a complete supply chain management system to control the cost of production, manufacturing and procurement sources. We will give you the cheapest purchase price to compare with other factories or manufacturers while ensuring good quality.

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1,For small order,We usually use EXPRESS shipping to ensure the timely delivery.such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, private lines, etc., those Express has better time effect,and won’t damage the goods. All shipping will be in time without too much delay. 

2,For mass production,We usually use Sea shipping to save your cost.

3,Also, If you can appoint your own forwarder, we can ship the goods to your own carrier.



Q1.What do we need for PCB or PCBA quotation?
PCB: Gerber files/PCB files, Quantity, Board processing details( board material, thickness, copper thickness, surface treatment, color of solder mask and silkscreen)
PCBA: Above PCB info, BOM with components specs, testing doc if you have

Q2. Do we have MOQ?
There is no MOQ in TAILHOO. We are able to produce Small volume as well as large volume production with flexibility.

Q3. Are my files safe?
Yes. All of our client’s design files are classified and safe. And we’ll not share with third party. If NDA needed, we’ll sign. 

Q4. If the product fails after receive, what should I do?
We will be responsible for all of the product we send out. If you have sent us test docs, we’ll gurantee 0% defective rate, which means if you receive defective ones, we will be responsible for it. If you don’t have test docs, we’ll gurantee 0.3% defective rate.  

Q5, If I only have samples, can I produce it?
Yes. We can copy it and produce based on your samples. 

Q6.Shipping cost?
The shipping cost is depend on the destination, weight, packing dimension. We can quote you when production finish, or even before production starting.

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