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  • Capability:: 25000 Square Inch per Month
  • Express PCB in 12hours:
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    Base Material: FR4- TG140 Surface Finish: ENIG
    PCB Thickness: 1.6mm Solder Mask: Black
    PCB Size: 50* 126mm Silkscreen: White
    Layer Count: 4/ L Cu Thickness 35um (1oz)

    Technical Requirement for pcb assembly:

    1. Professional Surface-mounting and Through- hole soldering Technology.

    2. Various sizes like 1206, 0805, 0603 components SMT technology.

    3. ICT (In Circuit Test), FCT (Functional Circuit Test) technology.

    4. PCB Assembly With CE, FCC, Rohs Approval.

    5. Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT.

    6. High Standard SMT& Solder Assembly Line.

    7. High density interconnected board placement technology capacity.

    Production Requirement for pcb assembly:

    1. Gerber Files (Eagle and PCB File are available).

    2. BOM list.

    3. Clear pictures of PCBA or PCBA samples to us.

    4. Pick N Place file.

    5. Test procedure for PCBA.

    About us:

    Shenzhen Fhilifast Electronics Co., Ltd. Found in 2005. Through more than 10 years of continuous development, the company has introduced the most advanced production equipment, and established a professional engineering team, accumulated abundant experience of production and management during the production.

    Our company has complete quality management system, a full set of supply chain system, and achieved large-scale production. Our customers market cover all over the world, the main products and technologies are exported to European and American markets. All products complyfacture and PCB assembly provider, Our Products include ordinary single- sided, double- sided and multilayer PCB, also cover Rigid- flex PCB, heavy- copper PCB, metal-base PCB, hybrid PCB, HDI, and other high- frequency boards.

    • The plant area is about 7,500 square meters and the total number of employees exceeds 400.

    • The monthly production capacity is as high as 10,000 square meters.

    PCB Enclosure Products:


    SMT Operation:


    PCBA Lead Time:

    PCBA          Sample Mass order Urgent
    1-2L 14-18days 13-20days 12-24hours
    4- 8L 18-25days 18-27days 48-96hours
    10-18L 22-30days  20-32days 120hours
    20-28L 20-35days
    Packaging Detail: Vacuum package , ESD package

    Quality Control:

    AOI Testing
    Checks for solder paste
    Checks for components down to 0201"
    Checks for missing components, offset, incorrect parts, polarity

    X-Ray Inspection
    X-Ray provides high-resolution inspection of:
    Micro BGAs.
    Chip scale packages.
    Bare boards.

    In- Circuit Testing
    In- Circuit Testing is commonly used in conjunction with AOI minimizing functional defects caused by component problems.

    Power-up Test

    Advanced Function Test.

    Flash Device Programming.

    Functional testing.


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