• What Is Solder Mask And What’ s It Used For?

    What Is Solder Mask And What’ s It Used For?

    Solder mast is a very important part of PCB printed circuit boards, There’s no doubts that Solder mask will help to assembly, however what else does solder mask contribute to? We’ll have to know more about solder mask itself. Wha...
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  • What is the most popular CCL material used for PCB?

    What is the most popular CCL material used for PCB?

    In the field of electronic circuit boards, in order to meet more product demand, more and more CCLs are flooding into the market. What is a CCL? What is the most popular and cheap CCL? It may not be focus for many junior electronics engineers. Here, you’ll learned a lot ...
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  • What we need to know about Chinese PCB manufacturer?

    What we need to know about Chinese PCB manufacturer?

    With the rapid development of electronics technology in China.More and more China PCB manufacturers are providing their best service to customers around the world.but what we need to know about Chinese PCB manufacturer when dealing with them? ...
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  • Why do we panelize PCB as tab- routing?

    In the process of PCB manufacturing, we are offen suggested to panalize PCB as tab -routing to deal with our boards we will give you a detailed introduction of tab -routing process. What is tab routing? ...
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  • Why conformal coating is important for PCB?

    For many electronics engineers, maybe, they are quite professional in designing their PCB boards, and they also know exactly what kind of working environment their PCB will be applied in, but they have no idea how to protect their circuit boards and components and extend...
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  • Why BOM Is The Key Of PCB Assembly

    What is a 'Bill Of Materials -BOM' BOM is an extensive list of raw materials, components and assemblies required to construct, manufacture or repair a product or service. A bill of materials usually appears in a hierarchical format, with the highest level disp...
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  • How To find ideal PCB Manufacturer In China?

    Nowadays, with the dramatically increasing of PCB demands. More and more PCB manufacturers are emerging, especially in China which is known as the world factory. Customers around the world are looking for a high-quality PCB manufacturer in China, However, how can we get ...
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  • Cheap PCB Manufacturing In China

    Cheap PCB Manufacturing In China

    When it comes to electronics PCB industry, people always turn their much attention to Chinese market. they prefer to look for PCB manufacturer in China, Why that’s so popular for the engineers around the world is a question.  ...
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  • How to design a clear readable silkscreens?

    PCB Silkscreen are often used by engineers in PCB manufacturing and Assembly, However, Many PCB designers think the silkscreen legend is not as important as circuit, so they didn’t care about the legend dimension and place position, What is a PCB design silkscreen for an...
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  • What is Rigid Flex PCB and Why?

    With the development of electronic technology, circuit boards, as the carrier of electronic components are inseparable with our lives, the higher demands and diversification of electronic products has become the driving force of the development of circuit board technolog...
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  • What Is Impedance in PCB board ?

    When it comes to impedance, many engineers have many problems with it. Because there are many variables which affects the value of controlled impedance in a printed circuit board, however, what is impedance and what should we consider when controlled impedance? ...
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  • What Files Are Required For Your PCB Manufacturing And Assembling?

    In order to meet more demands from different electronics engineers, tons of design software and tools appear for them to choose and use, some are even for free. However, when you submit your design files to manufacturer and assembly PCBs, you might be told it's not avail...
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