What does SMT means in PCB Assembly and Why?

Have you ever thought how your electronic circuit board assembled? And what methods are mostly used in PCB assembly? Here, you’ll learned about more about assembly method in PCB assembly.尺寸

The definition of SMT

SMT( Surface Mount Technology) is one kind of method to assembly the PCB board, the method of producing electronic circuits, upon which other components are then mounted. Is called SMT(Surface Mount Technology). It has effectively replaced the through-hole technology where the components were fitted on to each other via wires passing through punched holes.

Virtually all of today's mass produced electronics hardware is manufactured using surface mount technology, SMT. The associated surface mount devices, SMDs provide many advantages over their leaded predecessors in terms of manufacturability and often performance.

Difference between SMT and THT

There are usually two kinds of method of assembly PCB, SMT and THT

An SMT component is normally smaller in size than the through- hole technology because it does not have any leads to take up all the free space. However, it does have small pins of different styles, a matrix of solder balls, and flat contacts where the body of the component ends in order to hold it firmly.

Why SMT are widely used?

Mass produced electronic circuit boards need to be manufactured in a highly mechanised manner to ensure the lowest cost of manufacture. The traditional leaded electronic components do not lend themselves to this approach. Although some mechanisation was possible, component leads needed to be pre- formed. Also when the leads were inserted into boards automatically problems were often encountered as wires would often not fit properly slowing production rates considerably.

SMT is used almost exclusively for the manufacture of electronic circuit boards these days. They are smaller, often offer a better level of performance and they can be used with automated pick and place machine that in many cases all bit eliminate the need for manual intervention in the assembly process.

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Post time: Jun-22-2022