High Quality 4L FPC Flex PCB Board Flexible Printed Circuit Board PCB OEM Fabrication And Assembly IN CHINA FACTORY

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  • Capability:: 25000 Square Inch per Month
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    Base Material: FR4&PI Surface Finish: ENIG
    PCB Thickness: 1.6mm Solder Mask: Green/ Yellow
    PCB Size: 90* 110mm Silkscreen: White
    Layer Count: 4/ L Cu Thickness 35um (1oz)

    PHILIFAST Focus on fpc OEM manufacture and assembly service for many years, you can get quick turn flexible pcb prototypes from our factory. Our professional engineer team will provide best solution to optimize your production of PCB boards.

    FPC Application:

    1. Camera, digital camera, DV

    2. Printer, fax machine, scanner

    3. Laptop, LCD screen, CD- ROM drive, hard disk, HDD

    4. Recorderhead, laser bald, VCD, DVD

    5 Car, car DVD, auto meter, GPS

    6. Aerospace, satellite

    7. Medical equipment

    8. Instrumentation

    9. Digital camera/CCTV camera/Drones/Home Appliance

    10. Car electronics/Toy for Children

    Peculiarity of FPC:

    1. Small size, high density integration

    2. Save space

    3. Simplify layout procedure and simplify wiring.

    4. Save human resourcescost

    5. with good flexibility and folded easily and freely.

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    What else we can do for you:

    1, PCB Production Service. (FR- 4, HI- TG, Aluminum, FPC,TEFLON, Rogers, CEM-1)

    2, FPC, Rigid- Flex PCB.

    3, PCB Assembly Service. (SMT, BGA, DIP)

    4, IC program with HEX file.  

    5, PCBA Housing assembly serivce. 

    6, PCBA Final Functional Testing.

    7, PCB & PCBA Copy Service.

    8, Electronic Components Purchasing & BOM List Purchasing Services

    9, PCB SMT Stencil. (Laser cut & Etching)  

    10, Cable assembly

    FPC&Flex-Rigid Circuit Board:

    Type of the order Mass production Sample production
    Rigid-Flex layers 10 Layer 10 Layer
    Rigid-Flex layers Flexible Layer   18 Layer 20 Layer
      Total Layer    22 Layer 24 Layer
    Min. Copper thickness of FCCL (um)     12um 2um
    Min. thickness (mm) Double side FPC    0.11mm 0.11mm
      4 layers Rigid-flex    0.26mm 0.26mm
    Line width spacer(um) Inner layer (Hoz)      65/65 50/60
      Outer layer (Hoz+platting)   75/75 65/75
    Min. Hole size(mm) Min Mechanical Drill 0.1mm 0.05mm
      Min Laser Drill       0.1mm 0.075mm
    Impedance control           ±10% ±8%
    FPC routing tolerance (mm)   ±0.1 ±0.05
    Solder Mask        Green, Yellow, White, Black...
    Silk Screen   White , Black ,Yellow...
    HDI 2+C+2
    Structure    Book, Air- gap, Fly- tail, Unsymmetrical, Semi- flex
    Material         Polymide(PI), PET,FR- 4, Halogen- free, Halogen(Lead free)
    Heavy copper Rigid- Flex   M(2oz)

    We produce and assembly PCBs as per customer’s design files, we do not design pcb itself. If you have any inquiry,please send your design to us for quote.we’ll be your best EMS vendor.

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