What we need to know about Chinese PCB manufacturer?

With the rapid development of electronics technology in China.More and more China PCB manufacturers are providing their best service to customers around the world.but what we need to know about Chinese PCB manufacturer when dealing with them?

Why to choose PCB manufacture in China

1. High quality with lower Cost
One of the main reasons why customers in need of high-quality PCBs turn to China is the affordable cost that allows them to get more for less. This way, they can lower the overall cost of production without compromising on the volume of output.

2. Technology, Capability and Systematization
China’s PCB manufacturers have accumulate advanced technology used to make complex and innovative circuit boards. PCB manufacturing, As a labor-intensive traditional industry in China. can provide highly capable engineers and assembly teams and systematic production.

3. Lead Time and Delivery
China’s high effective logistic system can fasten the delivery of goods.

What to know when choosing PCB manufacturer in China

1. Service filed
There’re many kinds of PCB manufacturer in China you can choose, but not all supplier can support your projects very well.
Some manufacturers can provide turnkey service including PCB manufacturing including other PCB service related. Such as components procurement, assembly, function test, enclosure customized, finished-product assembly..., Some are only specializing in black or assembly only.So, you’ll have consider which service you focus on.

2. Order volume.
You’ll have to consider if the supplier supports both prototyping or mass production, for some big company, maybe they don’t provide prototyping service, which some small company cannot support mass production, so you need to choose it as per your volume of order you might place.

3. The control of quality.
Quality is the core of the products, especially in PCB industry, which is customized and assembled with a complicated process, even a minor mistake in components or circuit will cause the big problem.

Before we work with a PCB manufacture, you have to know how they control the quality of bare PCB production, components, and assembling.and also if they can provide reliable inspection an d test. A full set of management of quality is very important for us to choose as an ideal partner.

4. Lead time and cost
Lead time and Cost is obviously an important factor. Some company always cause too much delay, and cannot support Express service, which might influence your schedule and cause too much loss, About cost, in the Chinese PCB market. The low cost usually comes with poor quality, but we can still get the best service at a proper price. The cost of PCB must be clear for you.it can present in the offer you get from the manufacturer.

PHILIFAST is recommended, which provides Turnkey service with complete QC management system,professional engineer team and transparent cost control.as well as supporting prototyping and mass production. 

Post time: Jun-22-2021