What are required to Product Your PCB

In order to meet more demands from different electronics engineers, tons of design software and tools appear for them to choose and use, some are even for free. However, when you submit your design files to manufacturer and assembly PCBs, you might be told it' s not available to use. Here, I' ll share you with valid PCB files for PCB manufacturing and assembling.


1. Design Files for PCB Manufacturing
If you want to produce your PCBs, PCB design files are necessary, but what form of files should we export? in general, Gerber files with RS- 274- X format are widely used in PCB manufacturing, which can be opened by CAM350 software tool,
Gerber files include all information of PCB, such as circuit in each layer, silkscreen layer, Copper layer, Solder mask layer, Outline layer.NC drill ..., It would be better if you can also provide Fab Drawing and Readme files to show your requirements

2. The Files For PCB Assembly

2.1 Centroid file/ Pick&Place File
Centroid file/Pick & Place File contains the information about where each component should be placed on the board, There're X and Y Coordinate of each part, as well as rotation, layer, reference designator, and the value/ package.

2.2 Bill of Materials (BOM)
The BOM(Bill Of Materials) is a list of all the parts which will be populated on the board. The information in the BOM must be enough to define each component, the information from BOM is very critical, must be complete and right without any mistakes.a complete BOM will reduce a lot of trouble in components,
Here're some necessary information in BOM: Reference number. Part number. Part value, Some extra information would be better, such as Parts description, Parts pictures, Parts manufacturing, Part link...

2.3 Assembly Drawings
An assembly drawing helps when there's trouble to find the position of all components in BOM, and it also helps for engineer and IQC to check and find the issues by comparing it with PCBs which are made, especially the orientation of some components.

2.4 Special Requirements
If there're any special requirements which are difficult to describe, you can also show it in pictures or videos, It will help a lot for PCB Assembly.

2.5 Test and IC Programming
If you want your manufacturer to test and program IC in their factory, It's required for all files of programming, the method of programming and test, and the test and programming tool might be used.

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Post time: Jul-14-2021